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					# 🐍 Oh no! You've discovered the mysterious land of the 404 Python Valley. 🌡

def find_way_out_of_404(lost_visitor):
    print("Hey there, intrepid explorer! Looks like you've wandered off the map. πŸ—ΊοΈ")
        if lost_visitor.ready_for_adventure:
            print("While you're here, why not discover some treasures?")
            explore_more = input("Type 'yes' to uncover hidden SEO & Automation gems, or 'no' to return: ")
            if explore_more.lower() == 'yes':
                print("Fantastic! Let's boost your business's online presence together. πŸ’Όβœ¨")
                contact = input("Ready to embark? Contact Mourad for a guided tour:")
                if contact.lower() == 'yes':
                    print("Great! Check your inbox for a map to success. πŸ’Œ")
                    print("No worries, the path back to the homepage is always open at")
                raise ValueError("Adventure declined. Redirecting you back to safety!")
            raise EnvironmentError("Seems like you're not ready for this journey. Let's teleport you back!")
    except (ValueError, EnvironmentError) as e:
        print(f"{e} πŸš€")
        print("Transporting you to the familiar grounds of")

# Initialize our lost visitor
lost_visitor = type('LostVisitor', (object,), {"ready_for_adventure": True})

# Let's help them find their way

# 🌟 Whether you're lost in code or in your marketing strategy, Intelligent B2B is here to navigate you to success! 🌟